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AGV is an Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer active in motorcycle sport. It was founded in 1947 by Gino Amisano, and currently owned by Investcorp. The AGV brand is well known in motorcycle sport.

Billyscrashhelmets presents a careful analysis of the new AGV K3 SV and its disadvantages regarding noise,

The AGV K3 SV is the successor to the popular K3, with the SV denoting an integral sun visor. It’s a polycarbonate-shelled crash helmet that takes its design from the latest line of AGVs that includes the Corsa, GT Veloce, and Pista GP – meaning it has a sharp, aerodynamically-shaped chin guard and rear spoiler designed to cuts through the air and reduces buffeting. The K3 SV is priced to be a more entry-level helmet though, and one that works on a range of road bikes and for a variety of riding styles. Helmet Noise

Unfortunately, owners of the K3 SV say it’s a pretty noisy lid. The K3 has great ventilation which often means there are more openings in the shell of the helmet to catch the air and make turbulence; and turbulence equals noise. It also means there’s an easy route for noise to enter the helmet and in the K3’s case, that makes for a noisy lid. It’s especially noticeable above 50 mph, so if you’re after a quiet crash helmet, then this probably ain’t the one for you.

Poor noise suppression seems to be a common problem with most helmets in this line, so AGV must be counting on folks preferring good ventilation and lightweight over a quiet helmet. That said, most owners point to the fact that they wear earplugs when riding any distance so it doesn’t bother most owners too much. If having a quiet helmet is particularly important to you, click ‘quietest’ to the right to see only helmets people find particularly quiet.


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Web Design Intern (Former Employee) says

"This company hires interns for free labor. There are no other employees at the company besides the owner therefore there is no one to teach interns about their positions. A lot of their interns are international and because after getting here they have no place to go, the owner uses them to do other duties that are not part of the internship. His treatment of the interns is very abusive and he spends most of the day yelling at them. I started an internship there and left halfway thru because I couldn't deal with the abuse. I feel sorry for anyone who takes an internship with this company. Cons: too many to list"

Legal Intern (Former Employee) says

"This internship was not was it was advertised as. There was no compensation, no credit given, little supervision, little opportunity to learn, most tasks were self-driven."

Intern (Former Employee) says

"learn work in team and individual"

Unpaid IT intern (Current Employee) says

"In a typical day, I would handle various tasks such as router configuration, virus removal and data recovery from a hard disk. Cons: Long hours"

Graphic Design Intern/Managerial Assitant (Former Employee) says

"It is an internship so it is unpaid however the boss has a lot of businesses so if he likes you there is a possibility of working with him for actual pay. Cons: not paid, semi-strict rules, boss does have a temper at times, old computers, he has a wolf"

Matt Taylor says

"Purchased a GP TECH five continents admittedly from Hein Gericke which no longer exists, but with not a lot of usage it is from the inside falling to bits, not what you'd expect from a top of the range crash helmet. Emailed the AGV customer service which is in Italy but no response at all!"

Arian Tsormpatzis says

"The size guide in their website is out of reality.. I had to reoder 3 times in order to get the right size... Very poor comunicatuon. But good quality"

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